About the IAM and Local Lodge 737

The Machinists Union was formed in 1888 by 19 Machinists who came together and stood up for their rights to better working conditions. Today, over 130 years later, the Machinists Union represents over 600,000 members internationally.

Local Lodge 737 was chartered in 1953 and represents over 900 new car and heavy truck dealership mechanics, parts personnel, auto body workers, and service workers throughout the Twin Cities. 

Local Lodge 737 is affiliated with IAM District Lodge 77


We believe it is a natural right of working people to enjoy to the full extent the wealth created by their labor.

We believe that given the state of work in our current world, people must unite to obtain the full reward of their labor.

We believe that working people should exercise their rights cooperatively and economically for the benefit of all people.

Therefore, we, the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM), pledge ourselves to work for our Members to continue to preserve and grow the IAM on the basis of solidarity and justice, and to strive for a higher standard of living for people who work.

Interested in Joining the IAM?

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